Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer of George and a Bucket List

I  have to thank - patsearle for inspiring this post.  Check out his blog to see his Summer Bucket List.

I also have a decade specific bucket list (things to do before I turn 30), but so far I've been pretty negligent of it. For that reason I hope to start at least one of those things this summer.  I have also included some things I know I'll be doing, but they're on here just the same.

Summer Bucket List 2010
- Go horseback riding
- Go on a portage
- Catch a big fish (but if you don't, make up a story about one)
- Go golfing (not on the Wii)
- Take a piano lesson
- Finish Auburn Like Anne Sweater (seriously!)
- Finish at least one other knit/crochet WIP
- Sew something
- Read something for the love of it and do so without guilt
- Wear sunscreen

Last year Jason decided summer 2009 would be his "Summer of George".  Strangely, it did end up being the summer of George, but not perhaps in the way Jason expected.  I think George had a good time though.

George's Cake

George as George

Manny the dog as George with @jclarkey and @kclarke5

Really though, I see no reason why every summer can't be great, memorable, exciting, awesome, adventurous, and all the things that would make it "George".


  1. I saw Pat during lunch today - neat guy. I went to high school with his awesome sister Heather.

  2. Pat IS a neat guy. He's working with @chrismcinnis this summer at Sunshine Foundation (and also at Milestones at Masonville -- best host ever).

  3. hahahaha there is a lot of "- patsearle" traffic going on here.

    it was nice meeting you Andrew!

    Cheers to summers and bucket lists!

  4. Oooh! Bucket List - great idea. Can I give you mine too? ;p

    It's been years since I've been riding - where the heck would you go around here?