Saturday, January 23, 2010

C'est Complet!

I've finally finished my Retro Tree Skirt! I'm very happy with the finished product, but can't believe how big it turned out to be! It was starting to feel like I was making an afghan. Unfortunately I did not finish in time to pack it up with the Christmas decorations -- I'll have to hide it away somewhere that I won't forget about it next Christmas.

It was an excellent pattern, easy to follow and easy to crochet. My only criticism is the size. The pattern did have instructions for a smaller tree skirt and if I were to make another I would go with that. I'm also not sure I would choose the same yarn next time. I picked the Holiday Homespun because I loved (and still love) the colours, but found it snagged easily as I was working with it. I would probably recommend a plain old acrylic yarn for this project (like Bernat Super Value, Red Heart Super Saver or Vanna's Choice). I know some of you crafters are crying "natural fibres, natural fibres," and normally I would agree, but I just don't see spending the extra dough on wool for a tree skirt. Not only will I only use it once a year, but it's going to go on the floor.

I also found my pets were immediately drawn to it the moment I laid it out on the floor! I'm hoping that's just a novelty thing and they wont
start hanging out under the tree (more that they do already) every Christmas.

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