Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Overdue Craft Post

Okay, so I realize Christmas is long-past, but I wanted to share this jewelry set I made for my sister. I made it not knowing about the new Alice in Wonderland movie, but I couldn't resist the white rabbit pendant!
This one took quite a bit of playing with because I wanted the pendant to hang right. I experimented with two strands on the one side to give it a really assymentrical look, but the beads and pendant were too heavy, making it look wonky. Instead I decided to tie a ribbon in the extra hole on the pendant. I glued the ribbon in place so it wont come undone.
I did up some cute matching earrings to go with it, but I think the necklace is the real show-stopper here.
I also found a cute silver hairband with a bow on it to go with the Alice theme. My sister loved them both and I've since seen her wearing them. I think she even wore them out on her birthday night -- a real honour for me :)

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