Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Darn Yarn (and 2010 to do list!)

I had a bit of a yarn crisis this week.

When it comes to knit and crochet patterns, I'm bad for using materials other than what the pattern calls for. Take my tree skirt for instance -- the pattern uses Red Heart Holiday Yarns and a size K crochet hook. I used Lion Brand Holiday Homespun and a size J (0.5mm smaller) crochet hook. My yarn is thicker and going faster, so I need more yarn than the pattern calls for and had to buy more.

Next I'm wanting to make this gorgeous crochet cardigan. I've been shopping for a nice open-sleeve white cardigan to wear over long-sleeved T-shirts. So far I've come up empty handed, until I saw the Capelet Swing Cardi in the same magazine as my tree skirt. It's exactly what I've been looking for, so I want to make it. When I was in Micheals the other day (buying more Holiday Homespun) I saw a very pretty yarn on half price. I thought the Bernat Soft Boucle in Natural would be perfect (so I bought 7 skeins), but the moment I brought it home I started to have doubts. The soft boucle will have more texture and soft fuzz than the Red Heart Eco Ways, but it's a much lighter weight and will make smaller stitches (meaning I'd have to adjust the size to fit my gauge -- ugh). I also REALLY like the look of the sweater on the pattern, and it will look much different with the Boucle.

SO, now I have 7 skeins of Soft Boucle and I need 7 of Eco Ways (which Micheals doesn't have, by the way). I can get it online for about $30 (incl. shipping), but unfortunately for me that's $30 I just don't have at the moment.

My game plan for now is to 1. Finish the Tree Skirt, 2. Clean the Craft Room (aka the Craft Pile right now!) and then re-evaluate. I have a number of other started projects I can work on for January and then maybe start the cardi in February.

Some started (but not complete) knit/crochet projects:

1. My Mittens
2. The Dreaded Afghan
3. Saw Tooth Skirt

Started but not complete sewing:

1. Summer Sun Dress

Started but not complete scrapbooking:

1. Mini Engagement Album
2. Wedding Album (oy!)
3. Mini Christmas Album
4. Camping Trip

If I get all those done it will be next Christmas before my dream cardi sees the light of day.

Side-note: I LOVE the Crochet Today! magazine I picked up before Christmas. It is SO inspiring! I usually don't buy knitting/crochet books or magazines because there are only one or two patterns that I like, but I am liking ALL of them! It's really taking crochet places for me.

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