Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hi, my name is Katrina, and I collect buttons.

Okay, I don't collect buttons on purpose... It just kind of happens.  You know how every article of clothing you buy comes with a spare button, should anything ever happen to the ones on the garment?  Heaven help me, I cannot throw these away.

It's almost a compulsion.  The worst part is when a button comes off a shirt or something, it's usually an indication that the garment is old, starting to wear out and time to discard.  If it comes off a pair of pants it's time for a diet.  

I needed some buttons for my Auburn Like Anne sweater, so I thought I'd have a look in my button jar.  The sweater calls for 3 buttons, and most of my buttons are multiples of one or two (and many of them say Jacob or RW & Co. rendering them virtually useless for handcrafted garments).

Fortunately, when an old jacket of Jason's was worn beyond repair I salvaged the buttons.  The wood-look of these old, plastic buttons will look great on the orange-red sweater, which is coming along great!

I'm looking forward to a loooong weekend, so stay tuned for exciting posts over the next few days as I tackle some SPRING CLEANING!!

Aaaaaand, Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Well Katrina, it doesn't look as though your "addiction" as a button collector is out of control just yet. (haa haa)
    I keep my buttons too so don't feel bad. One never knows when you may require a vintage look to a stamped card.
    as for the Spring cleaning; it should wait as the temperatures is suppose to drop and it won't feel like Spring.

  2. Boo! Dale!! Oh well, I guess a clean house is nice no matter the weather.