Monday, March 15, 2010

Well, well, wellness...

I went to A Day of Wellness Education at The Lotus Centre yesterday and had a really great time!  Mom and I decided to go in the spirit of health education.  Bonus: Mom was even able to count some of the time spent there towards professional development education for work.

I knew a little bit about Naturopathic wellness already, but my knowledge was pretty limited.  I was pleased to learn that the Naturopathic Doctors at The Lotus Centre advocate working with traditional medicine for a holistic approach to health and healing.  I don't know that all medical doctors would advocate the same type of balanced perspective, but in our over-medicated society, I like the thought of a multi-faceted approach to total health.  I know it's not for everyone, but if I have a problem that might be helped by reflexology shouldn't I try it before running to the pharmacy?

Some of the things I learned:

  • Pre-natal vitamins are not just for women - men should be on a pre-natal vitamin too.
  • Ionic foot baths use negatively charged ions to encourage the break up of clusters of positive charges in your body. It works  for the same reason waves at the beach make are relaxing and the build up before a thunderstorm causes tension.
  • High blood pressure is not a disease, though it is medicated like a disease.  High blood pressure is actually a symptom of a disease.  Diet and activity can lessen or even eliminate the need for blood pressure medications.
  • Healthy eating is not difficult, but requires planning. You should carry healthy snacks for yourself as if you are your own child. Almonds, fruits & vegetables, etc.
  • If you have time to check your facebook, you probably have time to plan your meals for a week. If you have time to watch a 30 min. TV program you probably have time to prepare your meals for the next day.
  • Most people don't need dairy in their diets, but some people will suffer real, need-based cravings if they try to give it up (especially true if you have a lot of dairy farmers in your ancestry, like me).
We also watched a documentary called The Future of Food about the big seed companies and GMOs.  I recommend it for anyone interested in food culture.  It doesn't have the same entertainment value as films like Food Inc., but was highly informative and disconcerting, nonetheless.  

Although we learned a lot, we missed the free yoga classes.  We bought new yoga outfits instead, and spent a lovely afternoon together :)

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