Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Over!

Hello my devoted throngs of heart-health junkies. As you may have ascertained from the title of this blog, heart health month is over! I'm having some mixed emotions in seeing it go. On the one hand, I've enjoyed eating on a regimented plan (it takes the thinking out of the equation). I can also honestly say I've enjoyed everything I've been eating. On the other hand, I've been jonesing for a Maple Donut for weeks!

I'm not too sure how to present the results of this experiment (or if there were any). I neglected to have my blood pressure tested, so I can't say anything remarkable happened there. People keep asking if I feel any different. Not really. My ticker's still thumping away, the same as always. That said, I feel good. I lost a few lbs, but nothing to write home about.

I think the biggest change I've experienced is to my attitude towards heart healthy foods. For instance, I really like whole wheat english muffins, brown rice, almonds, berries, avocado and (of course) spinach. I will definitely continue to incorporate those types of foods in my regular diet. And I may completely ditch milk chocolate in favour of the dark stuff - especially now that Hershey's has changed the Kiss recipe. Has anyone else noticed that?? What were they thinking?! I'll also try to plan ahead and schedule my meals. I can't believe I managed to go a month without a cafeteria lunch!

One thing I wasn't sold on was the ol' margarine. I found myself opting for dry toast and plain potatoes. I'll use what's left of it in baking I think, but I'm switching back to butter.

And, for the last time...

Monday, March 1

Breakfast: Blueberry-Pomegranate shake & Tea

Lunch: Spinach salad (w/ strawberries, mushrooms & goat cheese), juice, Maple Donut & honey lemon tea

Dinner: Chicken curry, whole wheat bun & juice

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