Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Auburn Like Anne

I did actually finish it, and just so you'll believe me, here are the pics to prove it:

Admittedly, they are not the greatest pictures, but I took them on my phone in poor lighting.  These photos were taken before weaving in, blocking and sewing on buttons, but it is complete!  I've worn it twice already and LOVE it!  The colour is really great, and it's just so comfortable.  I did the sleeves a bit short because I was paranoid about running out of yarn (and of course, ended up with lots left over).  Also, after blocking the sweater came out much longer than I expected, but it's still quite flattering.

I'll try to have @JClarkey take a picture of me the next time I'm wearing it -- it really is gorgeous!

I will be using the same pattern on a much, much smaller scale for my Sweater for Scarlett.  I'm also undecided as to whether I should do buttons on the top, like mine, or put buttons all the way down like a typical cardigan.  I'll keep you posted.  I will also be going against the legendary Elizabeth Zimmerman's recommendation to knit baby items in soft wool (which is what mine is), and I'll be making Scarlett's sweater out of a washable cotton/acrylic blend.  Having worked many years in childcare, I want her to be able to wear it while she's playing, making messes and being a kid.  For some reason a wool baby sweater seems to me like something that would be worn in church and at Christmas.  Bleh.  I'm also going to try to make it in a size 12 - 18 mos (but I'll totally be guessing as I knit) because she has more tiny baby clothes than she'll probably ever wear.

Being an Auntie is fun, but I wish she lived closer to me :(

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