Thursday, November 25, 2010

Drama Dog

It seems whenever we find ourselves too busy to spend much time at home, Mosely compounds the problem of his temporary abandonment by doing something dramatic.  I thought he'd really tested the limits of dog drama last year when he managed to find and devour not one, but FOUR BAGS of chocolate kisses.  We were so worried about him, we called the vet, bought special upset-tummy biscuits, and I left work early to keep an eye on him.  Apart from some gas and extreme hyper behaviour, he was fine.

Earlier this week Moe escaped the confines of the dining room to find half a Lindt Dark Chocolate and Fleur de Sel bar, which he inhaled.  Jason was a little worried, this being a dark chocolate mishap.  I was not.  Did I mention he ate FOUR BAGS of various kinds of kisses?  Four bags would be enough to put me into a chocolate coma.  That same evening he did laps around the living room and started throwing toys at us.

Then yesterday he found 5 sugar cookies I had completely forgotten about in one of my work bags.  Before I tell you about the nickname we've given our precious pooch, I should tell you we know we are completely, 100% responsible for our dog's misdeeds.  Chocolate should be kept up high in a place requiring opposable thumbs to get at, ditto for cookies, and we should make sure we are home before our dog gets bored enough to get into mischief.

We love him to death and are very aware of his attention needs -- and he's not a needy dog at all.  All he asks for is food, water, a few minutes outside each day and not to be left alone for 10 or more straight hours.  And maybe throw a toy around and give him a cuddle every few days.  We're usually pretty good, but this time of year seems to be when we get busy with a lot of after-work stuff.  I'll try to make it up to him this weekend.  

His nickname, by the way is A**hole.


  1. awww....look at that cute little a**hole!

  2. Ha ha ha! That's Bogey's middle name. He finds it amusing to get into trouble when I'm on the phone. Yea.