Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am addicted to kijiji, the classifieds website.  This is not necessarily a new thing -- I have a reputation for searching "beagle" on the site at least once every two weeks (I can't help it, I love beagles).  With our move well underway, I have an actual, legitimate excuse for shopping.

The house that we're moving to is a bit bigger than ours, but we're also using the move as an opportunity to replace some of our old stuff with new stuff.

Take living room furniture for example: five years ago we bought a lovely couch/chair/ottoman set at Leons for something like $1200.  It was very modern and classy looking, and the salesman assured us the soft mico-suede-like fabric would be easy to wipe clean.  He lied.  Not only is it impossible to clean (even water seems to stain it), but it attracts pet hair and pets like a magnet.  And my dog drools in his sleep.  And my late cat (RIP Gordon) liked to vomit on soft surfaces.  The chair is beyond salvation, so it (and likely the ottoman) will not be making the move.  The couch will move temporarily until it can be replaced.

The new house also has no closets.  Like, not-a-single-closet-in-the-place.  Old houses are sometimes like that, so we'll be needing dressers, armoires, wardrobes, and other creative storage solutions.  So far kijiji has been a godsend in that department!

We're also planning  a big IKEA shopping trip, which I'm super excited about, but figure I might as well get what I can second hand and at antique shops first.

Before you start telling me about the evils of consumerism and how we live in a disposable culture, let me distract you with this funny parody of the IKEA Cats commercial:

I also just found out the couch I want now comes in a box, unassembled.  THAT'S gonna be awesome.

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