Saturday, November 20, 2010


I was doing so well eating healthy yesterday, until my dear friend Kate came over with a box of Turtles chocolates and a big bag of Swedish Berries.  Sigh. 

Today was a bit better (though I did have to finish off the rest of the Turtles with my sister, Mel).

Late Breakfast:
- 1 egg, 3 strips bacon, 1 slice toast with jam
- Tea & juice

- 1 blueberry rhubarb muffin
- Tea

- Roast beef, salad, sweet potato hash browns
- Juice
- The last Turtle chocolate ;)

I had a nice sleep in this morning (that's what Saturdays are made for!), before Jason and I went on a nice long walk around town.  It was chilly, but gorgeous, and we wished we'd thought to bring the camera.  We finally discovered one of St. Marys famous walking paths and it was gorgeous.  As much as I loved the walk though, I'm doubtful about ever riding a bike in St. Marys.  Good gravy, the hills are intense!  Jason thinks I'll come around, but I'm not so sure.  When we got home I whipped up a barley casserole for later in the week, and some muffins for our lunches.  My sister came over just as they were coming out of the oven.  We spent the rest of the afternoon folding laundry and just hanging out.  It was a perfect Saturday!  The muffin recipe was inspired by the one on with a few tweaks.  I'll post it once I've gotten it out of my head and on paper!


  1. Have you walked across the trestle bridge? That is hands down the best walking trail in St. Marys! We lived there for about a year and did that walk allll the time. Never gets old!

  2. As a matter of fact, we did! It was amazing, but the wind up there made it pretty chilly. Next time we go I'll definitely bring the camera along.