Thursday, November 4, 2010


If you're anything like me, your time is extremely valuable.  I find my days and nights overrun by activities, and all this busyness takes its toll!  Add in the move, and I'm really running at max cap.  Yesterday my genius hubby shared an idea with me that I want to share with you -- let's make this a NOvember.  If you're feeling rundown, burning out, or just too busy, use this month to say "no"**.  Even if you just say no to ONE unnecessary item on your schedule, you'll breathe a little easier this month.

Much of what is keeping me busy this month is work related and will be difficult to say no to.  I have many early morning (ugh) and late afternoon events, and one Sunday so far.  I am going to commit to not making any more work commitments outside of regular working hours this month.  WHEW!

Luckily the commitments I've made to blog and knit are both things I do for ME, so I don't have to say no to them.

Moving out of London to St. Marys will make it a bit easier to say no to some "extra-curriculars", but I do still plan to be involved in the Forest City.  I hope to also find ways to get involved in my new community... in the New Year!

Sidenote:  If you're NOT too busy and have time to spare, November is a great month to volunteer.  There are many charities and non-profits needing extra help in November and December to cope with added need and extra donation inventory around the holidays.  If you're looking for ways to be busier in the next few months, I suggest looking into volunteering for one of the following:

  • Women's Community House
  • London and Area Food Bank
  • United Way of Middlesex & London
  • The Salvation Army
  • Please suggest other organizations in need in the comments!
**Please don't say no to the London Short Film Showcase this weekend!!  It will be a great event, and tickets are available at a reduced price TODAY ONLY!!

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  1. I plan on writing a blog post about this next week as well. Biggest take away from this is not to say NO to everything. It is important to be involved and active in your community, but it is equally important to stay physically and mentally healthy. I will be stepping back after LSFS wraps and really evaluate my commitments so that I can better serve my community, burn-out free!