Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Remember how I said I was going to try and make Valentines this year?? Well, I did it! I only made a few and put them in the mail pretty late (actually, two are still in my purse!), but I did it.

I will be spending V-day with my Mom and sister and returning home sometime tomorrow afternoon. My poor valentine!! That's why we had our nice dinner on Friday. Were you wondering what we had? Has your curiosity been driving you mad??

We had Beef Allouettes (beef pinwheels with spinach & cheese stuffing), sweet potato home fries and the garlic steamed broccoli my friend Charlotte showed me how to make. For dessert I made dark chocolate lava cakes using 70% cocoa squares. We also had a bit o' Haagen Dazs with our lava cakes :) Mmmm...

But now I'm off. There is no menu for the next two days, but I will make an effort to make heart-healthy choices on the road. Oh, I am having a breakfast smoothie right now, and I have a word of advice. If you're out of bananas don't bother trying to make one. Not only is the protein necessary, the consistency isn't right without the banana. It's like a blueberry/pomegranate froster. The taste isn't great either. Might not be able to finish this one :S

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