Monday, February 22, 2010


As promised, I have made some actual real progress on my crochet project. I am done the "capelet" part of the Capelet Swing Cardi!! Whoohoo! It's actually a sort-of garment at this point. After the massive fail of my Saw Tooth Skirt it feels good to have something coming together so quickly.

Side note yarn story... I wanted to get to Needles & Pins this morning to see if they would wind some yarn for me. Apparently they're closed on Mondays :( I would have gone yesterday, but figured they were closed on Sundays (not so). Lesson: Check operating hours on the website before leaving the house. Since it was 10 AM and I was showered, dressed and out of the house, I figured I might as well try Micheals. They don't have yarn winders of any kind (as I suspected). While I was there I figured I'd look to see if they had any yarn on sale. To my surprise they were clearing out Cotton-Ease, my favourite yarn of late! I bought what was left (which wasn't much). I'm very sad to see they won't be carrying it anymore! Hopefully I'm wrong and they're just waiting on new colours, but I'm very seldom wong... So I guess prepare to get your Cotton-Ease elsewhere (try

As for heart health -- it's not a good day. I wanted to do groceries today but it was too yucky out, and now Jclarkey is taking the car to Ilderton for work. The woes of a single car household! I won't have access to the car again until Wednesday, so we'll have to be creative until then.

I will tell you I've discovered a new snack to munch on while watching movies. I am a popcorn fanatic, but have managed to resist so far this month. We rented Benjamin Button on Saturday (I know, it's about time!), and I decided to combine a few chunks of dark chocolate with raw almonds, and top it off with a cheater cookie. Delish! (Although Jason's chips and babaghanoush looked fabulous).

Monday, February 22

Breakfast: Yogurt, frozen berries & tea
Lunch: Homemade meatpie & quinoa tabbouleh
Supper: With the weather being what it is and the few resources at my disposal, I have a serious hankering for homemade mac & cheese. Very un-heart healthy, but I think I have to do it. Don't judge me!


  1. I think your capelet is loooking pretty good Katrina.
    I share the same sentiments about Michael's as you.
    You and I would get along great with the love of popcorn, being crafty and loving homemade mac & cheese (yum), and oh yah and the part about seldon being wrong that's me too.

  2. Hi Dale! The mac & cheese was worth every bite :) I think you might just out-craft me though - your scrapbooking/card making skills are unparalleled.