Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What a weekend!

This weekend I went on a road trip with Mom and did we ever have a blast!! We did a fair bit of eating, but kept it heart healthy (for the most part).

On Sunday night we went to the Pickle Barrel (which I had never been to) and I ordered the Paella. O - M - G. It was delicious, and very heart healthy. It was over flowing with sea food, vegetables, rice and chicken in a tomato sauce. Mmmmm.... It was so good I didn't want to wait to let it cool and it completely annihilated the inside of my mouth. I washed it all down with a Bellini the size of my head. Not so heart healthy (or smart!), but delicious.

For breakfast on Monday we had a giant breakfast buffet, complete with pancakes, bacon, yogurt, fruit, chocolate milk and other accouterments. And for lunch it was lattes and baked goods from Starbucks (oy!). For dinner we stopped at a place called Wild Wings. It was my suggestion, though I should have known from the name that I wouldn't love it (I don't like wings). There was a full two-page spread in the menu of wing options!! I settled for chicken tenders and sweet potato fries (a little better).

Other than eating, we spent our time shopping, perusing downtown T.O. and gabbing. We also went to this INCREDIBLE craft store in Paris called Mary Maxim. We both went a little nuts buying yarns and patterns galore. It came out during this outing that my Mom needs a refresher course using Ravelry. I'll have to sit down with her and go through it before our next yarn buying trip. I want to show her a few shops in London, and I hear there's a good one in Stratford too.

Oh yeah, and speaking of knitting, my skirt was totally frogged. When I started casting off it became horrifyingly obvious that it was in fact intended for a giantess. It could double as a circus tent, and weighs a ton. I will try the pattern again with a lighter yarn, but will have to tear out what I'd been working on :( Oh well - live and learn.

Tuesday, February 16

Breakfast: Cheerios, milk & tea
Lunch: (Surprise) Spinach salad, avocado & yogurt
Dinner: Undecided

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